Spunlace – Medical

Kosmos Medical Spunlace is known as a high quality high performance fabric. This unique fabric is the result of an advanced spunlace technology. It does not contain any binders, fillers, or other chemical additives. This minimizes the possibility of product contamination and allergic reactions by users. K-MS68 fabrics incorporate advances in technology and materials to provide increased protection and safety, while helping you stay cool, comfortable and more relaxed in the O.T.

K-MS68B medical fabrics meet the EN13795 and AAMI PB70 Level 2 and Level 3 norms for surgical gowns, drapes and scrub suits.

Gowns made with K-MS68B
Gowns made with K-MS68B fabric allow you to get the level of protection that you require. The remarkable softness and high drape-ability of K-MS68B help optimize your comfort and dexterity throughout operations. When used in surgical gowns and drapes, K-MS68BR has a highly efficient repellent finish that acts as a barrier between the wound and body fluids and bacteria, which helps avoid blood exposure accidents.

Drapes made with K-MS68B
Used extensively in single-use patient and procedural drapes around the world, K-MS68B can be treated to be absorbent or laminated to create a total barrier. Drapes made of K-MS68B are strong and tear-resistant, yet conform easily, staying in place when they are positioned on a patient, without slipping or sliding. Also, they feature very high opacity, allowing greater patient modesty and minimizing distracting glare in the operating room.