About Us

Mr. Mahendra V. Mehta founded the Kosmos Group in 1946. Since then the company has become a domestically renowned merchant in the paper and medical industries. Its partnerships with Asia Pulp and Paper (1998) and Ahlstrom Corporation (2006) further consolidated its market position. With investment in a Sterile Barrier Systems facility in 2011, the Kosmos Group further expanded its interests to include medical device manufacturing.

What We Do

Kosmos’ mission is to connect partners of the paper, technical textile and medical devices business worldwide based on relationships, fairness, openness and reliability.

How We Do It

Kosmos deals with a vast variety of customers from converters to end-users and offers a very high standard of technical know-how, support and after sales servicing. Having offices and warehouse facilities all over India, Kosmos is able to provide a first class service. Local business know-how allows Kosmos to use appropriate logistics and tailor made solutions. Many years’ of experience and our commitment to positive long-term relations have resulted in exceptional cooperation and trust with our trading partners. We rise to every challenge presented.