Breathable Viral Barrier (BVB)

Operating under pressure and staying cool isn’t always easy. Breathable Viral Barrier nonwoven fabric used in surgical gowns provides unbeatable protection, comfort and ease of use for doctors, nurses and dentists around the world.

About thirty per cent of all surgeries are considered high-risk for exposure to fluids. Viruses are so small that only an impervious film can create a sufficient barrier. The trouble is, impervious films get hot.

That’s why Breathable Viral Barrier nonwoven fabric was created; in response to a market need for a highly protective yet comfortable fabric. It’s a composite structure. It lets moisture go through but prevents any viruses from penetrating. Soft, strong, light and yet still provides impeccable protection. In surgery, protection equals safety. Not surprising that this nonwoven is the leading product for professionals in the operating room.